29 Aug 2023
White Kitchen Detail - Kitchen Remodel

Are you prepared to upgrade your house with a gorgeous kitchen remodel? Every home’s kitchen serves as a meeting place for family get-togethers, culinary creativity, and priceless memories. If you’re a homeowner looking to improve your kitchen experience, we can help.

Hence, the team at Done Right Renovations would like you to know 5 ideas to consider for your kitchen remodel.


1. Open Concept Kitchen

Open Concept Living Room and Kitchen - Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen with an open concept eliminates partitions separating it from other living spaces, such as the dining room or family room. This architectural option makes the living area larger and more integrated, facilitating simple contact and conversation between family members and visitors. Your home may appear larger once walls have been taken down, making it perfect for entertaining and improving the flow of the entire space.

You can benefit from natural light that can enter the kitchen from the surrounding spaces by using an open design. As a result, there is less need for artificial lighting during the day and a cozy, welcoming ambiance is produced. Consider keeping the flooring, colour schemes, and design components the same across the open space to create a coherent design.


2. Smart Kitchen Technology


The way you interact with your kitchen can be completely transformed by integrating smart technology. You can manage your shopping lists, check expiry dates, and even get recipe suggestions based on the goods you have if you have a linked refrigerator with a touchscreen.

Smart ovens can be remotely warmed, can track the cooking process, and can notify you when the food is done. You can change the brightness and atmosphere of your kitchen with a straightforward voice command or smartphone app thanks to lighting systems with smart controls. By maximizing appliance use, these technological advancements not only increase convenience but also energy efficiency and sustainability.


3. Statement Lighting


Your kitchen’s ambience and practicality may be greatly influenced by the lighting you choose. Statement lighting pieces, including eye-catching chandeliers or beautiful pendant lights, serve as focal points to bring attention to particular spaces, like the kitchen island or dining area.

Pendant lights hanging above a kitchen island provide a pleasant environment and concentrated task lighting for meal preparation. A chandelier hanging over the dining room, meanwhile, adds a touch of elegance and creates a cozy atmosphere for dinners with family or close friends.

Consider your kitchen’s overall design and theme when choosing statement lighting. Choosing lighting fixtures that go with the design, whether it be modern, rustic, or traditional, can help create a room that is coherent and attractive to the eye.


4. Sustainable Materials

Eco Friendly Kitchen - Kitchen Remodel

Incorporating sustainability into your kitchen renovation is advantageous to the environment and demonstrates your dedication to responsible living. Use eco-friendly materials for a variety of components in your kitchen, including cabinets, countertops, flooring, and even appliances.

Both bamboo and salvaged wood are fantastic flooring choices since they are renewable materials and have a distinct, organic charm. Glass countertops made from recycled materials are both beautiful and environmentally sustainable. Since they are composed of recycled glass, fewer new raw materials are needed.

Appliances with Energy Star ratings, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens, use less energy, which lowers costs and has less negative impact on the environment.

You can design a kitchen that reflects your beliefs and demonstrates your dedication to a better living by using sustainable materials.


5. Multifunctional Kitchen Island


The kitchen island can be the focal point of your dining area, and making the most of its features will significantly increase kitchen productivity.

Include integrated storage options in the island design, such as pull-out drawers, shelves, or cabinets. These storage solutions may keep your kitchen tidy and make it easier to access supplies, cookware, and tools. A clean, aesthetically pleasing kitchen benefits from the effective use of the island’s area.

To create a pleasant area for quick dinners or a place for the kids to complete their schoolwork while you cook, think about adding a breakfast bar to one side of the island. Alternatively, if you have the room, you can expand the island to include a separate dining area, making it a multipurpose location for hosting guests or hosting family get-togethers.


Done Right Renovations – Kitchen, Basement & Bathroom Renovations in Kanata


A kitchen remodel is more than simply a restoration job; it’s a life-changing event that revitalizes the centre of your house. You can transform your kitchen into an engaging room that reflects your own style, improves practicality, and promotes sustainability by implementing these five creative ideas. So get ready for this thrilling journey and watch as your kitchen transforms into a masterpiece that captures your style and individuality. Find out how much fun it is to rebuild your kitchen in a way that not only evokes inspiration but also celebrates the soul of the place you call home, where you will make and share beloved memories for years to come.

Are you prepared to give your Kanata home a new look with a quality kitchen, basement, or bathroom renovation? Please contact us at Done Right Renovations! Our team of professionals is dedicated to realizing your vision and making your goals come true. We can help you whether you want an open-concept kitchen, a smart and sustainable area, or to remodel your basement or bathroom.